Sunrise Charity Run

Our Cause

The purpose of this event is to help the victims of the recent Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami, the run is appropriately named sunrise, as sunrise signifies a new beginning which is what we want to help them achieve, a fresh start, and we can do that with all your help. The registration fees for the runs will mostly go towards charity organisations that are supporting the victims of the natural disaster. This event is sponsored by Cisco, DBS and 100 plus.


We believe that there is kindness in everybodies hearts, and we strongly believe that with the help of everybody, we can bring a happier life to the people of Indoneisa that were affected by the disaster. Our greatest belief has always been that the fortunate should always try to better the lives of those that are not quite as blessed as them, so we plead that you help us in helping these unfortunate souls!

Everyone Can Help!

By joining this charity run, everyone can contribute a little in helping these victims, while this may not seem like a lot individually, but with the combined efforts of everybody, we can help make a difference together.