Sunrise Charity Run

About Us

Originally the SunRise Charity Run was not a event held to assist the needy, and help those who are victims of natural disasters, at the start the run was started to celebrate the release of Singapore from the Japanese Occupation during World War II, the words "SunRise" reprensented a New Dawn for Singapore, as they were just released from the clutches of the cruel war time Japanese. However, now the government hosts this event Sunrise Charity Run as a way to give those who need help the opportunity to get a new beginning, they have always sincerely hoped that the less fortunate will finally see the sun rise metaphorically as it did for Singapore many years ago.

Our Sponsors

This event is sponsored by Cisco, DBS Bank and 100 plus.

Cisco has always been a long time supporter of Charity Work and when they heard about the plight of the Indonesians, they immediately jumped on board with us and we could not be prouder to have them as a sponser.

DBS Bank is sponsoring this event with good intentions in mind as well, trying to improve their image while also helping the people who are in need.

Now as a sports event, it would not feel complete without a having sports drinks, 100 plus will be providing its signiture drink at water points to allow the participants to freshen up when they get tired.